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Depriester D. Characterization and modelling of backward cold flowforming of Ti-6Al-4V. Center for Material Forming (CEMEF). 2014. Available at: icon Thesis.pdf (28.62 MB)
Depriester D, Massoni E. On the damage criteria and their critical values for flowforming of ELI grade Ti64. In: Key Engineering Materials.Vol 622. Key Engineering Materials.; 2014:1221–1227. doi: 10.4028/ icon Paper.pdf (2.72 MB)
Depriester D, Maynadier A, Lavernhe-Taillard K, Hubert O. Thermomechanical modelling of a NiTi SMA sample submitted to displacement-controlled tensile test. International Journal of Solids and Structures. 2014;51:1901–1922. doi: icon Paper.pdf (5.52 MB)
Depriester D, Massoni E. Submicrocristalline Structure and Dynamic Recovery of Cold Flowformed ELI Grade Ti-6Al-4V. Key Engineering Materials. 2013;554:157–168. doi: 10.4028/ .PDF icon Paper.pdf (3.92 MB)
Maynadier A, Depriester D, Lavernhe-Taillard K, Hubert O. Modélisation polycristalline du comportement d'un Alliage à Mémoire de Forme (AMF) de type Ni-Ti sous sollicitations multiaxiales. 20ème Congrès Français de Mécanique, 28 août/2 sept. 2011-25044 Besançon, France (FR). 2011. Available at: icon Paper.pdf (437.88 KB)
Maynadier A, Depriester D, Lavernhe-Taillard K, Hubert O. Thermo-mechanical description of phase transformation in Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy. Procedia Engineering. 2011;10:2208–2213. doi:doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.04.365.PDF icon Paper.pdf (680.98 KB)