University curriculum

I have passed the Baccalauréat in 2005 with honors. Then I have done the two year preparatory for the french competitive entrance exam for the 'Grandes Ecoles' .

Thanks to this national exam, I have entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cachan at the first try in 2007.

At ENS and in collaboration with the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, I have passed my bachelor's degree and then the first level of Master's degree in Mechanical science and engineering. I speciallized in forming processes, including rough processes (forging, welding, casting etc.) and finishing ones (milling-turning, polishing, EDM). I did a research interniship at the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, dealing with the implementation and the characterization of a high speed-milling spindle onto a micro-Electro-Discharge Machining machine.

From 2009 to 2010, I have prepared the french competitive examination 'Agrégation externe de Génie Mécanique'. I have achieved it with a national rank of 11th over 15 admitted.

In 2011, I passed with high honors the second level of the Master's degree at ENS (in collaboration with UPMC, Arts-et-Métiers ParisTech, MINES ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique and Centrale Paris). This master was labeled 'Material And Engineering Science in Paris'. I made my research internship at LMT Cachan about the modelling of the thermomechanical behaviour of the NiTi-based Shape Memory Alloys.

In october 2011, I started a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the Centre for Material Forming, a laboratory of MINES ParisTech close to Nice (France), and I defended it on 17th december 2014.
The topic of my thesis was dealing about the characterization and modelling of the cold flowforming process of Ti-6Al-4V tubes.

You can download my complete resume (PDF format) here.